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’ve realized that when a subscriber uses an Identity Provider such as Google, Facebook etc… (Oauth method) to login, it creates an account that is different from an emlid user account when one chooses to login using the traditional username / password. I would like to cease using Google credentials to login to my emlid account but my subscription and “survey” projects are linked specifically to the account that was created when I used Google to authenticate. Looks like I have to cancel my subscription for the account that was created using your OAuth method despite my username being the same email address. I may also have to update my gnss devices with new emlid caster information. Is there an alternative that you can suggest to avoid me having to implement the aformentioned?

Hi @texasaerialimagery,

You are right. If you use Google authentication and an email address and password, you can create two separate accounts. Do I understand correctly that you are currently using Google authentication but want to log in with your email address and password to your account? Could you please send the email address of your Emlid account to We will look into what we can do to help you!

I’ve also just stumbled across this split personality issue, I signed up for a subscription but now when trying to log in on the laptop it gets confused and continually loops offering me this:


I must have unknowingly signed up through Google because when I eventually agree it’s not my account (even though it is, go figure) and then accept the Google authentication, it logged me in to my Survey account…but with no projects to be seen hiding anywhere.

However…being cunning if I first log into the Emlid forum with my email/password, then in another window I log into 360 it does automatically use the previous credentials and will take me straight into my initial 360 account where I can see all the projects…but this time it’s the subscription on holiday.

I’m sure this can be fixed by support, or I can simply cancel the subscription & start a new one under username/password…and try and remember never to use Google if I temporarily can’t recall password when accessing from another device.

But the overall circumstances are very unexpected and a real confusing trap for the unwary going forward so the account strategy might want to be reviewed.

Sorry for the late reply, Wombo!

I understand why two accounts created with different authentication methods could confuse our users. We are thinking about potential solutions.

However, your situation is extremely unusual. If I understand correctly, you see the Survey Plan when you log in using Google authentication, but your projects in your other account were created using an email address and password. Please send us an email at with your Emlid account’s email address. We’ll look into how to transfer your subscription to your other account. Thank you!

Apart from that we’ll also investigate the "Not you account’ issue.