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I have just ordered two Reach RS2 receivers which I am hoping to use to do RTK surveying when they arrive. I am very new to GPS surveying and I need some clarity. I have read many of the documents on the website and I have gone through several post in this forum. I understand how important it is to connect to wifi when I am setting up the receivers so I can obtain the latest firmware etc. But when I am taking the units in the field to work. Do I still need a wifi connection and if so what would be its purpose. Could I not use a Sim card in the base receiver to receive the corrections from my local CORS station and then transmit my corrections from the base to the rover via Lora Radio. Why do I need wifi or why do I need to create a hotspot with my phone in the field. In my country, when other surveyors are operating their other brands of GPS receivers, they do so without using wifi so this is why I am a bit confused. Hope someone can clarify this for me.


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afaik, if you’re using something else (than wifi) to receive/transmit corrections (you’re mentioning Lora), the wifi is only needed for configuring the RS2, or if you want to use the built-in survey functionality (Survey features in the reachview web/android/iPone-app). If you’re using the rover-RS2 only for providing position to some other software/hardware over bluetooth/serial/… then the wifi is not needed (except for this configuration).

Your base is generating the correction-data that need to be sent to the rover (via Lora), so even the sim is not needed in the base.
You do have to determine the exact base-position once (and configure/save it in the base-RS2). For this you could use the sim and local CORS, or you could just capture a significant amount of raw logs, and post-process it to get an accurate base-position.

Thank you very much for your response it definitely clarifies my confusion. I have one more question, you pointed out that wifi is needed, “if you want to use the built-in survey functionality (Survey features in the reachview web/android/iPone-app).” So are you saying that if I am using Reachview to communicate with the receiver that I will have to be online constantly? I am thinking about using an android tablet on which I would have Reachview and Microsurvey Field Genius loaded.

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I think for reachview-app, the tablet and RS2 must be on the same wifi-network. (tablet connecting to RS2 or the other way around). If tablet/RS2 is connected to the internet you’ll be able to see sattelite images as background, but other functionally works without internet connection.

I don’t know Field Genius (or if it requires internet), but I guess it can get it’s position over BT.

I don’t do many surveys or use the reachview-apps very often (only for for configuration), but i’m pretty sure of my explanation.

Thank you once again for your response.

Hi Lennox,

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Agree with Andy. I just want to confirm that your smartphone/PC and Reach should be in the same Wi-Fi network to access the device in the ReachView. In case you don’t have available Wi-Fi networks, you can just connect the smartphone or PC to the Reach’s hotspot.

However, if you want to work with NTRIP, you should provide Reach with the Internet connection.

Also, we have a guide on getting Reach location in MicroSurvey FieldGenius via Bluetooth. I believe it might be useful for you.

Hello Kseniia.Koliuk,
That you for your response. In your response you stated, “However, if you want to work with NTRIP, you should provide Reach with the Internet connection.” And my question is; do i have the option of using a Sim card or get the NTRIP corrections or is my only option wifi?

Just load your sim card with a data/internet access and ntrip can send receive corrections through the sim card

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Hi Lennox,

As Juan said, you can use a SIM card with Internet access instead of Wi-Fi to get the corrections from an NTRIP base.

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Thank you very much

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