Help to get Drone working without RC Controller (only USB Controller)

I have a big Problem setting my drone up, i want to fly without an RC Remote only over a 4G internet stick and a laptop where i have connected a USB controller.
I’ve buyed a Navio2 and connect it to a RaspberryPi3, write the image as discribed in the Docs installed ArduCopter-quad.
Now im stuck on my first test flight (unconfigured), if i want to take of the ground with my drone it is really hard to control. Holding it in a stable position is allmost impossible.

Wich steps now do i have to take, i’ve read a lot in the forum and on the ArduPlane site but so many people writing about RC Remotes and i dont want to do it with a RC Remote.

I’ve read that i had to configure the USB controller in Mission Planner but when i have sucessfully configured and i arm it in Mission Planner the motors wont spin.

Do i have to configure the ESC bevor i configured the USB controller?

Than i’ve read a lot about AutoTrim and AutoTune but i’m not sure what to do first.

I hope someone with a maybe lot of time :smiley: can me explain how to do it.

…and sorry for my poor english… :stuck_out_tongue: