Help setting RS2 and RS2+ base and rover


I have an RS2 and an RS2+ and I’m trying to configure them to carry out a survey. I’m following the available tutorial, configuring the base at GNSS update rate 5Hz and base output at frequency = 868 MHz, output power = 20 dBm, air data rate = 9.11 kb/s, but I can’t set the rover’s input correction to LoRa, because it says “LoRa is already used for correction output”.

What should I do?

@coppogabriel , without checking, I am pretty sure you will need to turn off Corrections on your base first. In this case, make sure the LoRa option under the list of corrections is turned off. You should then be able to go back to the base output and broadcast over LoRa.


Hi Gabriel,

I agree with the suggestion from @joelbladen. Firstly, please disable the Base Output option on your Rover. On the Corrections input screen, select LoRa.

And on your Base, you should choose LoRa as the Base Output.