Help on getting position in a mangrove forest

I am currently working on a project that I need to get GPS coordinates and height with great precision in mangrove forests using the Emlid Reach RS2. I am having issues with getting satellite signal inside the mangrove forest (I guess it is due to the canopy). I do have the 2.50 meter stick, but it is not tall enough.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how make it work? There is any thing I could do to get these field data?

I am open to any suggestions and accept any advice or paper/protocol recommendation.

How tall are the obstacles? I have had luck in the past by increasing the mask elevation slightly. We typically start with 13 degrees but I have had a few instances where I was in between building or trees and increasing the mask to 20 degrees cut out obstructed or dirty satellites on the horizon and allowed the receiver to fix.

Hi Gabriel,

I’m afraid I can’t give you much advice here. Dense forest canopy is a really challenging environment for the receiver. Removing some of the obstructions and raising the unit may improve the satellite visibility and help in some cases. But if not, it may be better to look at non-satellite-based solutions.

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