Help on downgrading to v2.16.0

Hi. I tried to downgrade my Reach RS+ to v2.16.0 from v2.17.3. I followed the steps on manual reflashing of firmware and it was successful. But every time I start my device for the first time it requires me to update to v2.16.2. I dont want to update to 2.16.2 because it has a bug on “Lora not connected”.

Hi @Bunog,

Unfortunately, you can’t skip an update as we always try to keep devices up-to-date.

As for the “LoRa not connected message”, this bug has been fixed in ReachView 2.17.3 version.
Is there any reason why you can’t use dev version?

P.S. I saw your post.

Thanks for the reply andrew. I already solve my problem about downgrading. I disabled my internet before clicking update and then the “skip update” button appear.

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Thanks for the reply bide. Will do this next time I need to downgrade my firmware.

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