HELP NEEDED! Reach RS+ wanted!

Hi All,

i need a Reach RS+ base station ASAP to supply an urgent project. I’m looking to buy it or borrow it, in order to have it in a couple of week at most.
It’s very important to have a Reach M+ (which i have already) together with a Reach RS+ base station.
I already know that “base can be replaced by PPK processing”. However, i need the base, pls understand.

Emlid staff, if you read this, even if you have a beta or demo unit of the Reach RS+, i will take it and then replace/swap it ordering a new one when they will be avaiable, same i will do if someone can borrow me one unit, so i take the used one and give back or buy a new one to whom will borrow me.

Thank you all for your support and patience and whom will help me.

Have you checked for any dealers? Maybe they have some in stock:

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good luck. : /

This is the biggest problem I see with such a popular and needed item on backorder. Can really affect business.

Might want to purchase a BACKUP unit in cases where something goes wrong and you won’t have to wait a few months for help.

Hopefully some one is kind enough to loan you theirs (not me, I need them!) or Emlid has something on standby.

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