Help ! - Need to make autonomous boat with navio2 and reach modules

Hello all,
I am trying to build an autonomous boat that can move based on specific points using RTK from
reach modules.

I am new to reach and navio.
I Could start moving boat using navio2, with commands.

but now I don’t know how to make it autonomous. and how to make start when I want ? I only have remote fly sky 2A that does not have PPM package, only seprated channels, so I could not read it by navio RCInput

Hi Ahmed,

Welcome to the community forum!

You can set up your boat to work in Auto Mode to make it autonomous. In this case, the boat will follow a pre-programmed mission that contains navigation commands. Please check this guide in ArduPilot’s documentation for more details.

However, please note that Auto Mode isn’t the easiest one. If you only start working with the ArduPilot software, it’s better to begin with Loiter or Guided mode, for example.

Hi liudmila
Thank you for your fast reply, I appreciate it.
It was very helpful in understanding the main concept to build the system.

I did follow the instructions for building the auto mode rover.
I change the commands on the mission planner to start with kickstart.

Mission planner says (FAILSAFE disarmed).
I tried to disable FAILSAFE instruction and it disapped, but still there is disarmed issue.

Unfortunately it did not start moving. I tried to change it to start without even kickstart (at beginning of the turning on, same issue)

I don’t have a remote transmitter with a PPM signal, only direct channels, so I couldn’t use it, and I am trying to make it move without any triggering from the remote.

What I have is:

  • Boat (2 BLDC, 1 servo)
  • 2 Telemetry Radio ( USB based)
  • and the program

is there something I am missing to make it move automatically?

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