I have a problem with the PPK module, I’m used to using Emlid Reach M2 but now I’m trying the PPK module from Mettatec x5, the problem I’m experiencing is that the data that has been processed is good, but when I want to process it in Agishoft, the number of coordinates and the number of photos are very different?

Screenshot 2024-02-02 152049


Hi @ptsl.indramayu.2023,

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I downloaded your logs but couldn’t uncompress your RAR folders properly. Could you please try to compress them in ZIP format and upload them again? Thank you!

I have reduced it using zip format but the file size is still the same and I have also changed the format to zip

I have updated the zip data, the link I provided has been reloaded

Thank you for helping with this problem

I had a similar problem with the Mettatec package. False events were recorded due to light filtering past the photosensor. I covered the gaps and the results were good.

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Thank you very much, I will try it, hopefully the problem is the same

Hi @ptsl.indramayu.2023,
I checked your logs. All of your rover’s logs include a bunch of gaps where the unit couldn’t receive any signals from the satellites. That could cause such an issue.

I found a thread with a similar case here. Aside from @lipisoftware suggestion, that is also worth checking.