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Is this photo from rover or base?

I managed to make it work, now I’m trying to see why the SurvCe only recognizes GPS satellites


What’s the version of SurvCe you use? Could you please share your current system report?

Hello Tatiana
Survce V 3.02


It’s possible that the issue appeared because Reach is fully supported in SurvCE only from 5.06 version. Have you tried to reach out to SurvCE support? Maybe they can help.

Thank you Tatiana! What would be the best way to pass geographic coordinates to flat Gauss Kruger coordinates of Argentina?

Hi Luis,

I think you can use any online converter.

hi Tatiana, I am converting coordinates in autocad from lat long to Posgar 98. but the problem is then to stake out from N, E, Z to lat long. I hope they can put in the Rechview to configure local coordinates. Thank you

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