Help - choosing the best gps antenna

Dear Colleagues,

I have the NAVIO2 module and it is integrated with the Jetson TX2 module using the Tallysman multi-GNSS antenna (standard kit).

I also have a 48v (40,000amp) LI-ION battery bank attached to this equipment.

Remembering that my equipment is developed exclusively for use in urban locations.

Because of this I need advice or suggestion about a high accuracy GPS antenna that is immune to interference (EMF) and is compatible with NAVIO2 to operate in these locations.

I don’t have problems of size and weight restrictions for this antenna, because the area for its installation has 34" inches of diameter and my equipment can carry up to 100kg.

If anyone can help me thank you immensely.

Best Regards


hi, may I ask how you connect Navio2 with Jetson TX2? I am thinking is it possible to use Navio2 with TX2 instead of using Rpi3.