[Help] About frame and Battery

We have motors and ESCs so far.

And we need battery and frame and I think that is it.

For a frame, my partner and I are trying to figure out which is the best choice between
S500 Frame and[ Q450 Frame]([]. Because we are concerned that the S500 is safer for the RPI and Navio2 on the drone, but it is kind of heavy, and the Q450 or F450 is light and pretty popular usage. But, I think that short landing skid can spray water into the air and make the boards wet. You know it is low possibility but here Washington State it rains quite a lot. Our motors efficiency is 7-11 and 11.1V, also what battery do you guys recommand?

Sorry for the long answer.
Tell me more information about your quadrotor components (motors, ECS, propellers).

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