Help a newbie build my dream long range fpv quadcopter

Hey guys Im new here and I recently fell in love with the raspberry pi 3 / navio2 capability after watching youtube videos

Ive been reading here for days and days trying to get a build in my head

let me tell you what im looking for:

Financing this isn’t a large concern I own a dji phantom 4 so and love it except for the stupid range limitations
So if I get what I’m after I’m willing to pay the premium drone price

4G GSM LTE flight control I have at&t
Mid size Quadcopter tarot 650 / quanum 700 / turnigy talon v2? or $12 hobbyking 450 frame? I really like carbon fiber frames
pi3 / navio2 control
longest flight time and range (speed) is important would love getting 30min and 40mph
ability to carry maybe 0.5t to 1 lb’s if I want to deliver some paperwork or a sandwich / beer :slight_smile:
Control from MacBook (if possible) and game controller
FPV camera prefer to be able to tilt up & down but not necessary pi cam or logitech 920 or other I read the picam interferes with gps which is no good. but the logitech doesn’t stream well?
Redundancy: in the event of loss communication with base station return and land within 10 feet of take off.

I need directions from someone more experienced than me with this please
I see the build lists but I’m afraid they are missing small things like vibration mounts, screws, zip ties, battery holders etc
I want to buy every component needed and than go to work making this happen.

I’ve realized in order to get what I want out of a quadcopter this is the only solution for range (4G)

I will gladly make donations to whoever is willing to help me make this happen.

I would also consider buying a finished navio 2 / pi3 quadcopter that achieves what I’m looking to do

I’m looking for a quality setup and as bad as I want to achieve this I know there are others who will read this and agree that a detailed build from A to Z will help others get on board with this great community.

Thank you for reading my novel and I’ll be looking forward to some help :wink:


I really like what I read about @ogulbrandsen latest build.

I like the long flight time and the design

However I’m not sure if he resolved all the issues with prop size and interference and made it fly better?

Also what type of glue is used?

I know this is a very complicated detailed project I am facing and it seems that every time I read another forum there are new problems that arise.

ESC timing for example or interference or building my own battery pack or logitech 920 streaming issues?

Is there something built yet that works well and that I can get details on how to build?

I posted a while back asking for help with the same thing. I got it working with wifi but the video latency was terrible (I was running it through a cloud DVR). Never set up 4G.
I’m still very interested in this and would love to contribute anything I can.

Please share any info you find.

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Hi, sorry was looking at your blog earlier, but never had any time to answer until now. I want to help you get off your feet. I have spent probably over 100 hours researching everything from parts, theory, efficiency, efficiency loss, cost, radios, anything I can think of. I don’t want to give the project that I will be creating my forum on completely away ( as I am working on a few unique special things). But I am definitely willing to try to help you make a first quad with some of the knowledge I have gained. I am still working on my first quad (which is the one I will make a forum post about) but I am using similar parts as others (who have working quadcopter) and will let you know if what I chose worked.

Having said that I will do my best to help you wishing achieve what you want to achieve and help it be as smooth as possibly, but I cant guarantee 100% compatibility, although I have done as much research as possible and the products that I will refer to you are products I have bought, heard of, or seen other use successfully. Not asking for any recompense, but if you feel I have helped feel free to donate. But one thing I will ask is once I get a forum posts running to keep in tune :slight_smile: your support and opinions will be greatly appreciated and hopefully the post will inspire you as well.

So to sum up and get everything out of the way I want to help, feel free to donate what you feel my information is worth, but I am passionate about what I do and I am please to help you in achieving to get where you want, similar to where I was a few months ago. The only thing I could asks is for you support on my later forum. I will try to give you the best help I can and I want this to be your forum: However, please also understand I cant give everything away that I want to be on my forum, but this shouldn’t get in the way of product recommendation, although I may wish to PM you about some things.

P.S. Trust me I felt… and still feel like every time I read something I learn about 3 more things, but I have the basics down anyways only thing thats kept me going this far is passion!

So to begin I will tell you that I’m no expert in the 30 to 40 min field as I’m building a quad more in the 1:30-2:00 field. Similar size 700-750mm as you posted. However, I will be using 17x5.5 props which I can’t guarantee will get you 40mph steady, and so any information I give I’m going to try to derive backwards from my setup, thus it is good for you to follow up with research and report what you discover. It seems you want a higher quality DIY version of the Phantom from what I read so I will aim for something similar, unless you state otherwise. But please give a good idea based on the details I provided you and what I feel like your going for so that I can give you some good info and recommendations.