HELP! 3DR clone radios integration error

Hi! I have a set of 2 3DR clone radios (air and ground modules) which I am trying to integrate with Reach and Reach RS, however I haven’t been able to get them talking to each other. I have tried different approaches but I cannot seem to make them work. I am pretty much a rookie using Reach so I would like your help to know what I am doing wrong, please!

Reachview version used: v2.9.0
These are the exact radios used:

When I connect the radios, they seem to be working properly based on led behavior: they both flash a solid green light and there is a red blinking led indicating data transfer. However, I cannot make Reach and Reach RS connect to each other via radio. I had previously achieved successful connection of both devices using Wifi, but when using radio the gray bars just never show up.
Reach RS is set as the base, connected to the ground module radio via USB-OTG, and Reach is set as the rover, connected to the air module radio UART via DF13 port, and powered using the micro usb cable connected to an external battery. I included some pictures to walk you through every step I’ve tried.
First I checked for radio communication using Sik Radio Config 1.4, everything works fine.

These are the settings used for Reach RS and Reach:

And these are the status bars of each device (no gray bars! :frowning_face:) :

This is the physical setup of each device:

Any ideas on what might be wrong? Thank you very much!

Please disable ECC and disable mavlink on the 3DR radios. instead of mavlink, use RAW instead.
And AFAIK you should use UART instead of USB-OTG for the application you have.

Just did as you said

Also changed base mode to uart, but still no connection between base and rover.

I can’t really comment on your radio settings but as far as the reach is concerned…
Base station position output - off.(You don’t need to send your base station location to any device other than the rover, do you?,This information is contained in the correction data it sends to the Rover in the RTCM3 format.)
Base station correction output - on.(This is in the special format used for sending correction data for RTK)
Rover correction input - on. (The rover needs to get the special format correction data from the base)
Rover position ouput - on. This is really what you’re after, high accuracy position of the Rover.

I remember I had to swap the TX RX on the Rover as per the documentation. Here’s a picture.

Good luck!

Here are my settings from “once upon a time”

and Rover


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