Helmert 7 Parameter

Hi, Could you suggest any software which will help me transform coordinates properly using Helmert 7 parameter.

Have you tried QGIS?

No, Could you specify how to transform usingQGIS?

MicroSurvey FieldGenius.

Free Windows demo limit of 30 points. (Total Station functionality).

Android free 30 day demo. (No Total Station functionality unless recently implemented which is supposedly in the works).


Carlson SurvCE / SurvPC

Spectra SurveyPro

Topcon Magnet Field

You can find old data collectors on ebay with this licensed software also.

Lots of Chinese Android apps… SurvX, SurvPad, etc but you’ll have to look through those for helmert features.

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Thank you, Carlson SurvPC helped the most


Hi @ladokhandolishvili,

Glad that you’ve found a solution for you :+1:

I’d just add that you can create your custom coordinate system in ReachView 3 to collect points if you have the parameters of the coordinate system. This will allow you not to convert the data that you receive later.

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