Helical antenna to 5/8 design

Hi all,

I am currently working an adapting the Reach M2 to to a few different use cases. Namely allowing it to be added to a survey pole as a rover, and a phone mount to give any phone cheap RTK accuracy.

Has anyone designed an adapter for the Multi-band helical GNSS antenna, so that it can be screwed on to a standard 5/8 thread on a survey pole? Most of the design iterations i am doing is through 3D printing, so any models would be greatly appreciated.


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Nothing I’d be willing to share or promote. My 2 circular aluminum disks offset by some motherboard standoff spacers and a 5/8 nut JB welded to one of the aluminum disks did not stand the test of time.

I imagine with a 3d printer you could make some really nice mounts. Curious too as to what others have come up with.

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Just really quickly whipped this up. Should do the job.


Here you go. This is as simple as it gets. Got the PVC pipe at Home Depot and used a 5/8x11 tribrach puck,
also recessed helical antenna about 5mm, center drilled
In drill press for determining exact center.

I did this when I bought my first M2 but have NGS calibrated antennas now. It’s a good backup though if needed. M2 receiver and battery in blue hip bag. I use a big ziploc bag to cover the hip bag if it might rain. I haven’t used the Lora radio with my M2’s, they are used as a static baseline for my RTN rover. If cell service is not available for the RTN rover, I’ll have a closed polygon for each point for post processing.

Remember… closed loops are your best friend to determine the true accuracy of any measured point.


Hello Emlid Community:

@EBE111057 Bryan Enfinger’s solution is great and the way to go. I keep forgetting the amazing utility of PVC.

A couple years ago, I did use TinkerCad to design and print three parts; Antenna Mount, M2 + Lora Radio Holder, and USB Batter Pack Holder. I spent way too much time and plastic getting the tolerances just right so the USB Battery Pack, M2, and Radio would stay securely in their holders with friction. I expect others to have varying results on different printers. I also spent too much time with an Xacto knife and dental pick clearing plastic so the antenna cable and 5/8" nut would fit in their opening.

Sorry I do not have a complete Bill of Materials.

The Battery Holder is designed for this FOSPOWER PowerActive Rugged Power Bank:

Here are links to the files on TinkerCAD:

Antenna Mount

USB Battery Pack Holder

M2 + Lora Radio Holder

Attached is a ZIP file with the STL and OBJs downloaded from TinkerCAD:

Emlid_M2_3D_Prints_for_Rover_Pole.zip (112.1 KB)


That’s a neat design Joe ! One of these days I’ll get me a 3D printer. I don’t think I could have designed something like yours. You should try and market your design. I like the simple design !

I had planned on designing a bigger one for the battery and receiver (bigger pvc pipe), but being so busy with work and back issues I’ve been reduced mostly to an office surveyor. I do get out now and then.

Thanks for posting your cool design !


Works well. The Reach M2 just snaps to the pole. Compared readings to a Topcon Hyper and at most the results were off by 8mm.


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