HDMI signal not working for Navio 2 over a Raspberry Pi 4

I am having issues for getting the Raspberry Pi 4 image on my TVs through the micro HDMI ports. I have tried all of the proposed solutions on this page: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/104094/raspberry-pi-4-does-not-show-on-hdmi
But none of them worked for me. I think that perhaps it could be an issue with the relatively new image released for Navio2 over a Raspberry Pi 4.
Did anyone had this issue as well? And in that case, did you find a way solve it somehow?

Hi @erickhuelsz1,

I’m afraid there is no graphical user interface in the Navio2 Raspbian image. You can operate the Raspberry Pi using console only.

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