Having trouble with using the 3DR radios and OTG USB cables

I can happily use two 3DR radios on reach RTK’s powered through the USB port using USB OTG cables. This is how I operated before buying some RS’s.

Now I can intermittently power the 3DR radio throu the OTG cable from the reach, but it is as likely as not going to power down after a few minutes. This is frustrating as if I want to use the RS as my base station and collect GCP’s and then fly the mission I cannot use the same base station if I want RTK.

Yes I know PPK is easier but RTK gives me realtime assurance of the quality of the collected data.

Any thoughts?

I am pretty sure your radios are using more amp then RS can cope with. RS has 1amp output in OTG mode and somehow different from reach. But this could propably someone from Emlid answer

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