Having to turn on LoRa every time

Since the new firmware update, my base does not automatically start sending out corrections via LoRa once it’s position is established. I have to configure the radio, which is already set to broadcast corrections via LoRa, to broadcast the corrections via LoRa. In other words, even though it already says that output is set to LoRa, I have to open the output settings, select the radio settings, and save it as is to get the radio to actually broadcast. Is anyone else having the same tedious problem? With previous firmware, I did not have to bother addressing the output every time because its already set to broadcast via LoRa and it does.

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Have you been able to resolve this? If so, please advise.

What is the firmware version you are talking about ? Which one do you use now, and which one used to work fine ?

I’m on 30beta1. The previous firmware worked fine.

Hi @jaredplnormand,

Thanks for letting us know about this!

Can you please generate the Full system report on your receiver and send it to support@emlid.com? We’ll check what could be the issue here.

If you’d like to get back to the stable firmware version, you can go to Beta updates in ReachView 3 and tap the Roll back to stable version button.

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I sent the full system report. I’m hesitant to revert because I do enjoy the faster startup and don’t want to have to go over all the settings again. I’ll just wait for the next update.


I’ve received it, thanks! I’ll check the report with the devs and let you know what we’ve found then.

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Hi Jared,

We’ve found the issue causing such behavior. The devs are working on the fix and should release them in future updates.

Thanks for helping in catching this bug! Once the fix is released, I’ll post an update here.