Having issue with downloading survey data from reachview 3

I am having issue with downloading survey data from reachview 3 ver 6.0.
I am using android tablet with ver 7.1.1
The issue is
Whenever I try to export project in csv, it goes round and round and suddenly goes back to home screen without popping up email or any other form of sharing app…
I am wondering where the data is stored in the app (reachview 3)…

Here’s the Reach 3 info


Hi Bryan
Thanks for info
I wish I could upload a video here to make clear of the issue I am having.
I have been doing exactly the same as per info provided in the link you sent.
As soon as I click export project in reachview and select .csv format, its says exporting for 3 seconds and suddenly the app closes and I am back in home screen. I have 680 points stored it that project.
I do not have issue with other project with less point. I am not sure whether its due to lot of points .
Also it would be grateful if someone could help me if I can download those survey data from the device (reach rs2) or if any other way.
Thanks for your help

ecosuman, can you download all the raw log files, i.e. .raw, .ubx, llh ?

Hi Bryan

Those are not log files, Those are RTK data that are collected using the survey menu of reachview 3
I have no issue in downloading the log files.

Hi @ecosuman,

Sorry for keeping you uninformed!

I’ve discussed your case with the team. We’re checking how we can extract the project for you. I’ll come back to you with the solution shortly.

Thanks Julia, waiting for your response

Hi @ecosuman,

Please check your PM. I’ve just written you there since further troubleshooting may require sensitive info from you.

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