Have a rtk precision with a Novatel ag-star antenna

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Hello, I’m a farmer. I bought a new tool (fertilizer spreader) and equipped my tractor with a Novatel AG-STAR antenna to get a GPS signal for my tool.
I would like to know if it is possible to use this antenna to get the GPS signal and have an RTK base (i have a RS and a RS+) where I get the signal with Lora or other and have a centimeter position to make autosteer system?
Thank you

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Bonjour, je suis agriculteur. J’ai acheté un nouvel outil (épandeur à engrais) et on a équipé mon tracteur avec une antenne AG-star de Novatel pour avoir un signal GPS pour mon outil. J’aimerais savoir s’il est possible d’utiliser cette antenne pour récupérer le signal GPS et avoir une base RTK (j’ai un RS et un RS+) où je récupère le signal avec Lora ou autre et avoir une position au centimètre pour faire de l’autoguidage?

Hi @earllanaslais,

According to the AG-STAR specs, it can handle RTCM correction input. So, I can assume that it should work with Reach. You can use any RS/RS+ correction output method except LoRa as it’s compatible only with Reach receivers.

I have rughtly the same case as thread starter. (kverneland/vicon spreader CL1300)

I have curently done just this, but am atm strugling whit the corection output via uart to RS 232 port from Reach rs+

the ferterliser implement im using is expecting a NMEAO183-$GPGGA string and curently my console output on spreder side loks like this

while this is the expected string

so you could run into issues but in theory it should work out.
@andrew.yushkevich if you have any idea what is cousing my wierd NMEAO183-$GPGGA string or should i say lack of GPGGA feel free to call out. I get corection signals whia ntrip, and i send them nema data as well. and that works just fine so its a bit wierd rely that the corection output for spreader dont work properly.

I believe GPGGA means the message contains only GPS satellites. This message is for output by GPS-only receivers.

Reach captures several satellite constellations (not just GPS) and it is a GNSS receiver, so it outputs the GNGGA message.


I’m not sure why you are not seeing the GNGGA message in the first picture, but it should be present if the satellites are in view of the receiver.

Was there a coordinate being displayed in the ReachView status page at the time you took the picture?

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@ bide Thanks for quick reply.

The status page showed 23 satelites and bases.

shifting betwen float and fix whit a nice stream of green and yellow dots as i was driving along. it also showed longitude and latitude in status window. And the NTRIP service also recive NEMA data and returns corection data. So that bit seems to work fine.

Sometimes the stream from com traffic allso showed longer string seemingly consisting of postion data, is there a way to turn on logging to file of output from uart so i could get the actual transmited data that is being directed to uart(rs232). That way i could duble check it if it holds corect data. And that its not getting scrambled/interfered in the cable…

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Sure. In the logging tab, just enable the position log and make sure it is set to NMEA. After logging for a few minutes, disable the log, then download it.

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