Has anyone tried the 1 base 3 rover?

Has anyone tried RS+ working with 1 base 3 rover?

Is there a special setting for the right frequency and data rate?

because I’m trying, there is a problem if the rover is close to a bit it reduces the speed of time to fix

Works just fine, yep. No need to send GGA message, when configuring.

Hi @echoxs,

Reach RS+ base can transmit corrections to any number of rovers. You can set the units as described in our Base and rover setup guide.

The most often reason for increased time to Fix is improper environmental conditions. Does the rover calculate Fix fine when it has a clear sky view 30 degrees above the horizon? If there are other electronics or power lines nearby, they can cause RF interference and affect solution calculation too.

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due to terrain conditions we take advantage of the stop & go facility with RV3…
the results are still not optimal… maybe because we use RS+ (single band)

Hi @echoxs,

Is it not possible to get the Fix solution in Emlid Studio Stop&Go? You can share the data with me, and I’ll check what’s wrong.

we’ve got the problem

we follow the guide at : Base and rover setup | Reach RS/RS+

there it says the base freq is 1Ghz and Rover 5Ghz… it’s not effective…

After we matched the 5Ghz base and 5Ghz Rover, the results are good

in the guide looks like this:

Can you elaborate on why they aren’t good ?

I just tried to equalize the update rate at 5 Hz base and rover, the results are faster to fix, the track log results are all green

Hi @echoxs,

I can’t say anything against 5 Hz, but 1 Hz should work well for the base. It doesn’t move, so you can send corrections from it not so often.

If you’d like to dig deeper, I’d check the possible influence of other factors first. Were all settings except for the Update rate the same in both tests? Have you tested both setups at the same place and time?

i don’t understand about it… i just tried it, it could be just a coincidence…

it’s the same for example I use beidou or glonass (I use RS+)…
sometimes at one location I use Beidou smoothly, if for example it’s a bit slow I usually try to replace it with glonass and vice versa…

Hi @echoxs,

Seems like a coincidence to me. But I can’t deny it can be helpful to modify the standard settings to get a better result. Good example with GLONASS and Beidou!

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