Has anyone connected a Here GNSS module to the navio?

I wonder if it works, how it works, if it can be connected via USB, etc… The specs of the module look promising. Here GNSS Module for Pixhawk 2 - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

Here’s the setup page. From a brief look on specs it looks like they’re using Ublox modules, so the basic functionality is already in current release. Navio 2 doesn’t have safety switch, so AFAIK there’s nothing holding you back from using it. But the official support is only in ArduCopter from 3.5. I guess it has something to do with the GPS Inject feature in ArduPilot that underwent some work not so long ago.

As a matter of fact, I suggest you to take a look at Reach which is fully integrated with ArduPilot.

Thanks! That was exactly the answer I was looking for! I ordered a set of Reach RTK too (great stuff!), but I wanted to compare.

Does reach still have increased precision over the standard Navio gps when the connection to the base station is lost because of the reach multi GNSS?

If the connection to the base station is lost, the precision will be comparable. But as soon as it gets back it’ll be significantly better. With new AC-3.5 improvements that deal with GPS blending you’ll kinda get the best of two worlds and also having two GNSS modules will give your setup the redundancy which is awesome to have.