Has anyone attached an M2 or M+ to Mavic 3E

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Has anyone attached their M2 or M+ receiver to either a Mavic 3 Enterprise or Mavic 2 Advanced Enterprise? I have the Mavic 3 Enterprise and I would like to attached my M2 or M+ receiver to the drone (rover) so that I may obtain an observation file via the M2/M+ that is attached to the roving drone.

I’d rather stick to PPK rather than RTK and I’ve never did RTK so, I don’t know that I’d receive an observation file from the drone if I were to go ahead and purchase the RTK module, enable RTK and fly the mission. Yes, I own 2 Reach RS2 receivers as well :slight_smile:


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Doesn’t the RTK module for the M3E enable saving of raw GNSS observations to the card?

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I have no idea. I do not have the RTK module. I would purchase the RTK module if it produces RINEX files for PPK. This is why I’m asking if anyone has used their M2 or M+ attached to their drone. I already have 2 RS2 devices and a M+.


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Reach M+/M2 needs a hot shoe connection to the drone’s camera for PPK mapping. That’s why there’s no straightforward way to integrate it with DJI cameras. Still, if a drone allows installing a 3rd-party camera with a hot shoe mount, it should work fine.

I would purchase the RTK module if it produces RINEX files for PPK.

Usually, drones’ RTK modules provide raw data and .mrk files. You can use this data together with the base’s log for PPK processing in Emlid Studio. So, you can consider getting an RTK module as another option.

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It does produce necessary files for PPK processing.

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Thanks! I saw that earlier via someone’s post. I appreciate your assistance.


Thanks! I saw that earlier via someone’s post. I’ll definitely be purchasing that RTK module!

I sell a kit from Metta for the Mavic 3 that allows you to add a M2 on it and use it to survey in PPK. Please look at the following link for information.

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Thanks, I’m aware. I’ve purchased the kit you are referencing but for $299 directly from the Mettatec web site. My original post wasn’t referencing the Mavic 3. It was in reference to my Mavic 3E which is already equipped with a means to attach an RTK module.

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