Harxon GPS1000 antenna height offset for Reach M2?

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I’ve recently paired a Harxon GPS1000 antenna with my M2 unit and I’m wondering what measurement to include as part of my antenna height within Emlid Flow.

The supplier suggested I use the L1 measurement? The measurements on the actual unit also differ from the brochure which I find confusing.

The measurements from the brochure (L1:46, L2:50) are what’s printed on an antenna I have manufactured in 2021. What’s printed on your antenna (L1:59.4, L2:48.5) are values determined by NGS in 2019.


It looks like Harxon got around to updating the label on the antenna to reflect the NGS values.
The NGS calibration is probably the best currently for this antenna model.


Thanks for the clarity @jbonde002. So, which value should I add to my total antenna height in the Emlid Flow app?

I can’t say for sure since I’m currently not using Emlid Flow. Most modern software will allow you to pick an antenna model and usually the NGS calibration files will be included so you would choose HXCGPS1000 and the proper offsets would be added to your antenna height. The ARP, or Antenna Reference Point, is usually the bottom of the antenna so a 2.0 meter pole would have a 2.0 meter height plus the HXCGPS1000 antenna model would be added automatically. If you can’t choose an antenna model in Flow then most likely you are looking at the L1 phase center in which case for a 2.0 meter pole you would add the L1 phase center offset of 59.4 millimeters or a value of 2.0594 meters would be entered.


Yep, you want to use the L1 offset value.

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As has been mentioned, the NGS values are now updated on the antenna itself. Please find attached image of the NGS calibration. The number you want is 59.44 mm.

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Great! I’ll use the NGS L1 offset value thanks everyone!

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