Harware Integration RS2 o RS+ with Data Collector South H3

Hi everyone.
I ask you if you managed to integrate RS2 or RS + devices with the South H3 data collector and find out how your experience was. Thanks

Hi Pablo,

Nice to see you on our community forum again!

We provide our ReachView 3 app instead of a separate data collector. It’s free and available on Android and iOS. This app allows you to configure Reach, collect points, stake out them, etc.

You can tell us why you want to use the South H3 data collector. Probably, we may have a solution for you in our ReachView 3 app.

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Hi Pablo ! Boy, that looks to be a cool data controller. From what I’ve seen and briefly read about it, it seems to be a reasonably priced controller.

I’m sure it would connect to the Emlid devices. I’ll have to see if there’s a dealer here in the USA.

Thanks for posting !

Hi Elena
Yes. I have the application installed on my mobile phone.
However, I am not trying to replace any application but to be able to use other more robust hardware for field measurement.
My device has already broken down and I wanted to know if someone had managed to integrate the receivers with this hardware.

Hello Bryan.
Apparently if integration with the teams is possible, but I considered that in the forum I could find people who had that experience.
Thanks for your answer.

Thank you for your response Pablo! I see your point.

I can hardly say for sure if this controller can work with Reach’s devices but I believe that someone on the forum will give you a definite answer :slight_smile: .

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thank you very much Elena

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