Hardware to stream PiCamera video back to GS

Chipping my way through my first UAV build. I have telemetry via MRO Sik radio pair, control signal via FrSky X8r. So far have the Navio 2 talking back to my laptop running mission planner.
I found the one page about setting up a PiCamera stream via Gstreamer. But what I cannot find is any description of the hardware used.
Any tips on what the standard transmitter/receiver setup would be for this PiCamera build? It seems like there would be some efficiencies there since I’ve already got a Pi there with the Navio2, simple to get the camera connected, but not sure of the best way to get that video feed sent back.

Pi Wifi…

Do you expect more than a few tens of meters using the Pi Wifi antenna? certainly outside my area of expertise, but my quick google searching seems to say that’s pretty short range. What am I missing?

I’m not a UAV builder, but my Autel EVO II PRO RTK uses different frequencies that are basically wifi with an Android controller. It communicates at 2.4 and 5.8 ghz (wifi) and I think using frequency hopping also in the 900 hz band. I’m a land surveyor not an electronics technician.

Around where I live, at the first of the year with no leaves on hardwoods that are indigenous to my area along with short/long leaf pines, I was getting almost a mile (with two observers at halfway and at end of communication). Now since all the leaves are out, I’m getting only 1/2 mile maximum unless I’m on a hilltop or no woods. This of course staying within VLOS.

It’s also the same frequencies that house hold cordless phones use, with those still attached to land lines.

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Pi Wifi is short range but can do the work and help you to learn the process on the bench. When happy with the “HowTo”, you can set un external high power Wifi dongle.


Gotcha, I will try it out. Thanks for the info.

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