Hardware setup question

I am building a quadcopter with:
Raspberry Pi 2, NAVIO+
DJI F450 + E300
DX8 + AR8000 + ppm encoder
I am new to this and I have some questions.

  1. My Raspberry Pi 2 and NAVIO+ is powered by the power module, but my receiver is not getting power from the PPM
    connection. I measured the voltage between the + and - pins from the PPM connection it shows 0. What did I do wrong? Do I need a BEC to power the servo rail for the receiver?

  2. Is BEC a part of an ESC? I measured the voltage coming out of the E300 ESC, it shows 0v. Does this mean the E300 doesn’t have a BEC?


Yes, you need a BEC to power the servo rail for the receiver.
Power module is good for only measurement of voltage and current.

Thanks Jiro_Hattori.
So looks like E300 does not have a built-in BEC. Instead of getting a BEC, Can I just wire the 5V output of the power module to the servo rail? Would that cause any problem?
Also since E300 does not have a BEC, I guess I don’t have to cut off the middle wires right?

Yes, I might use power module to supply 5V on servo rail, if spare BEC not in my hand.
Please take a look at here.