Hard Time with Compass Calibration in Mission Planner

I’m having problems with compass calibration using Mission Planner

  1. High off-set values (in red circle)

  2. Only one compass detected (Picture), is this normal ?

  3. looks like I’m using a APM dev version (3.4), not the beta 3.3.2 beta (in red circle), I installed using the Docs link.

I had this kind of problems a long time ago with a Pixhawk board , because the Mission Planner was reading the compasses wrong.

Really try a lot…. Any idea?

any idea , please ?

is the correct APM version? (3.4Dev)


The version is correct, we have only recently introduces Navio2 support in APM.

Maybe you have some interference on the frame? Do you have an external compass to try with?

Hi Igor,

Thanks a lot for the answer.

I flew more than 4 months with this same frame and Navio+ without any problem, frame is made with 3k carbon fiber, and the motors and ESCs are really far from Navio2 board……As you can see in this video:


Navio+ and Avenger

….But I can test with external compass, no problem.
Please, Hw is easy to setup for the external compass, but how can I test (command line?) to be sure the external compass is activated?

Thanks again for the help.