Handheld accessory

Hello, where can I find this type of handheld accessory for RX?


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Hello! I use the SP Connect mounts: https://sp-connect.de/

BR Hannes


Hey @Y_Chau

This accessory does indeed contain an SP Mount as recommended by @wagner

General Laser in Austria make a kit with a 3d printed part to connect the SP mount to a short carbon fibre pole, and provide a rugged case with foam cutouts for the kit to travel in a cushioned protected manner with device, mount, pole and RX all assembled as one - office@general-laser.at

Mangoesmapping also carry stock of these RX mount kits in Australia - sales@mangoesmapping.com.au

Cheers, Alistair (works at Mangoesmapping)

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SP Connect has many great options - which one do you use to mount to a survey rod?


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For our non-Emlid survey rods we actually use RAM Mount X-grip clamps for our phones and tablets.
You can see them via this link - but you may need to VPN from an Aussie server to access it from outside Australia:

Of course Emlid’s own pole comes with an excellent and strong clamp for our phones (doesnt fit tablets).

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