H520 and Reach RS

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if anyone of you have been testing reach RS with the H520 from Yuneec?
I have seen a topic but no replies :frowning: H520 ground stations is done with PX4 so RPK should be available.

Looking at h520 product page, I don’t see any mention of the GNSS unit providing raw data nor RTK capabilities.
Looking at the price and comparing this to DJI M210 RTK, I don’t think H520 has raw GNSS capabilities.

Apparently, H520 is based on Px4 which can include RPK, and there is a sdk available.

I just find it wierd that they are not talking about these possibilities in the Product page. If they capabilities are indeed there, it would be a huge capability story, for a price much much lower than competing DJI products.

Hi Gaëtan,

It seems there is no ready solution for this kind of integration, and it might require some hacking.

Does your drone camera provide access to hot shoe? If yes, you can use it for making time stamps for UAV mapping.

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