Guidance with Emlid Navio2

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I’m looking into building my first drone with either a PX4 or raspberry pi + Navio 2 configuration. I’m planning on doing some light machine learning and aerial videography with the drone. (yes I know the pi can only encode video at 1080p 30, I plan on having a seperate GoPro and gimbal mounted to the drone encoding video on its own while another camera streams video to the pi if I use the Navio2.)

I can’t find any real guides for a PX4 quad/hexacopter, but I’ve found a few good resources for the Navio. I’ve also heard that the Navio is less stable than the PX4. which has conflicted me.

I’m really not sure which Autopilot to pick, and I need help selecting one.


Hi @MoniBinis,

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You can configure video streaming on Navio2 using Raspberry Pi Camera Module. We’ve tested this configuration using Raspberry Pi 2. Please take a look at the Video streaming guide to learn more about the setup process.

Regarding machine learning, I presume it’s quite hard to do this on the board. Usually, machine learning tasks require big computational resources. So, Navio2 might not be enough to perform them.

Navio2 works with ArduPilot autopilot software. It has different firmware types to match your vehicle. For example, the copter firmware is made for multicopters and helicopters.

Each firmware has its own version and stable releases, which have had the most testing. They are recommended for new users. It also has beta and latest releases, but they are mainly intended for experienced users and developers. There should be no issues with using the stable versions.

I suggest checking out the following guides to learn more about ArduPilot and its configuration on Navio2:

issue got solved!!

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issue got solved!!

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