GUI for Real-time Linux for RPi2

Hey everyone, it was my first time to contact Raspbian, there must be a lot of things that I don’t know, hope you guys can be patient to guide me. Currently, I use Raspbian Pi 2 Model B with NAVIO+, use the Real-time Linux version is RT kernel 3.18.9-rt5-v7+. I put it in my SD card to operate, and I want to use Raspbian GUI, but I can’t ope it. The comment is startx. I’d like to know how can the GUI image be shown up? What steps should I do or which APP should I install? Please give me your advice. Thanks! Oscar

Hi Oscar, if you would like to use GUI you need to install DE first, here’s the explanation from another topic:

Keep in mind that using GUI for an operating drone is not recommended.

HI there,
I have worked with linux fore quite a while now, and I would not recomend running a GUI on a ardupilot. It uses lots of processing power, and the stuff you need to do is mostly terminal based, so it is possible, but not perticulary usefull.