Gstreamer Video Setup with Rascam Issues

I am running into multiple problems when trying to setup Gstreamer for streaming to QGC using Raspicam, Navio 2 and RPI3b using Raspbian Buster. Below are the error codes I am getting on both desktop and RPI. What am I doing wrong here? Everyone seems to have their own idea of what the proper code is. Is the proper port for QGC 5600?

Capture 2|600x25


I am no expert on gstreamer, but it looks like you are trying to receive and decode the video stream on the Raspberry Pi, instead of sending/encoding it. You are using the same pipeline on both ends, basicly.

Hi Paul,

You can first check whether the required plugin is detected in the Gstreamer setup using the gst-inspect-1.0 command. So for your case, it should look like this: gst-inspect-1.0 avdec_h264. To learn more about this tool, please check the page here.


Now what? I imagine I have to get the plugin? Just on RPI side? PC side?

Interesting. I’m simply copy and pasting the code suggested on Navio setup docs. I’d like to think I’m doing something wrong and the code is right. However, I’ve noticed in forums people using a variety of codes that are not the suggested, beyond simply adjusting resolution, bitrate, etc…

I guess something went wrong during copy and paste. This is the pipeline for the Raspberry Pi, just like it is noted in the Emlid docs:

pi@navio: ~ raspivid -n -w 1280 -h 720 -b 1000000 -fps 15 -t 0 -o - | gst-launch-1.0 -v fdsrc ! h264parse ! rtph264pay config-interval=10 pt=96 ! udpsink host=<remote_ip> port=9000

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