Gstreamer over 4g Pixelation and Refresh Rate

As some of you may have seen, I have built my own custom quad for use in the Agriculture field. I have it setup to stream video via wifi and 4g using Gstreamer (per the docs).

I have a company that has provided me with 4g router that I use standalone for my PC the service provider is very good in my area with 20+ Mbs up or down service. However, when I run gstreamer across wifi to the same router that I run my PC with, there is no issue whatsoever but when I run the stream via 4g it causes terrible Pixelation/ Slow frame refresh issues and no matter how low I create the resolution the outcome is always the same.

Different from some on here I use a cloud based VPN service that issues my devices with IP addresses without having to purchase static IP ($500.00) because the carrier doesn’t make the IP’s public.

Has anyone run into this issue? Maybe you could steer me into the correct direction because as of right now the company that builds the router has their own PI’s on hand and are bench testing my setup and are arriving at the same roadblock as I am using the Doc’s provided on the site.

Thanks guys

Had similar issues at work on our survailance. It acutally bottoms out with bad/high latency, even thoug we have 25/25 fiber. I would do a better stress test of your line from one point to the next. Just to be sure.

Test your connection with Iperf on both ends.
Speedtest with my 4g connection had a result of 8Mbit up.
But a Iperf test showed that I can only upload 1Mbit without packet loss.

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Remember that there is a difference between bits and bytes. 1 Byte = 8 bits
Maybe you got 8Mbits = 1MByte

Capital B is Byte
b is bit

I know. Iperf3 Tcp Connection gives me 7,5 Mbit bandwith with several retransmits.
Iperf3 Udp Connection gives me 0 packet losts at 1 Mbit, and 15% packet lost at 2 Mbit, which gives me a sluggish video stream.