Ground to L1

hello all. I am in the process of writing down my workflow for mapping using a reach rs+ as my base and a reach rs as my rover. I need to find the ARP but when i positon my tripod over a known point and mount the unit, using a tribrach and 150mm extension I cant measure from from the centre of the known point to the base of the unit as i have to bend the tape measure. I need it to know the exact height on the L1 antenna. Does anyone have a suggestions on what to do?

Simpler method would be a bipod and set rod at 2.000 m or other height and add 150mm extension. You have 2.150 m to base of receiver.

For tripod, measure as accurate as you can to base of tribrach mount of 150mm extension then add 150mm. You won’t be that far off from true vertical probably <1cm.

Or you could measure slant height to a mark at base of 150mm extension and measure horizontal distance to center of mount. You then have two sides of a right triangle. Compute true vertical, then add 150mm for extension height.


Thank you

Hi @sgeyeuk,

Please note that you should also add 65mm to the antenna height. This value corresponds to the distance from the bottom of Reach RS+ to the L1 antenna.


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