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Dear people, can anyone tell me how to project a 10 by 10 grid in the app? Is this a default setting or do I need to create in GIS, but how??

If you’re on a known site for staking out or topography, you could design the points in any survey software and then import into Emlid. The design points would have to be in the same projection as the one you’re using in the app.

If it’s something “on the fly” , I don’t think Emlid is capable of doing this yet. COGO functions for the app are coming but there’s been no timetable announced for release yet.


Hi Remco,

I agree with Bryan. At the moment, Emlid Flow doesn’t support creating grids. But you can create a rectangular array of the points in 3rd-party software like QGIS or AutoCAD. And upload them to the Emlid Flow.

And yes, check that the coordinate system of the points and your project in Emlid Flow match.

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Hi, I am still struggling with this issue, do you have an example file created in QGIS with the right specs? I tried creating a grid in QGIS and exported as a DXF, Emlid flow doesn’t except the format for some reason, the projection is the same

Hi Remco,

did you resolve this? I did something similar recently with a 5 m grid generated in QGIS, I exported it as a shp file and imported it to Emlid Flow with no issues

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Hi Gareth, thank you very much for the reply, what were your settings for generating the shp?

Hi Remco,

I will explain exactly what I did. The purpose of the exercise was to collect height data for a small area of our site with the aim of constructing a 3D surface. I decided to collect data based on a 5m grid.

I created a new QGIS project with the appropriate CRS for my location (I’m in Australia)
I imported a Nearmap image for our site.
I went into the Vector menu and selected Research Tools → Create grid
I positioned the grid in the required spot and chose the appropriate parameters in the create Grid window, height, width, type making sure that the CRS was correct. It defaults to the project CRS i think. Grid type of point was selected in my case.
After hitting Run my Grid appeared as a layer in my project.
I right clicked on the created layer and chose Export → Save features as
I chose ESRI shapefile as the format and told it the name for my file and save location, I took defaults for evrything else.
I created a Zip file containing just the .shp,.shx and .dbf files for the layer.
In Emlid Flow I created a new project making sure that the chosen CRS was the same as the one for my QGIS project.
I imported the Zip file and my grid appeared as expected. Something to note is that only point and line data is imported, not polygons.

I hope this will be of assistance, let me know how you go,




Many thanks Gareth, very kind, really appreciate your input

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