Grey bars on the status tab behave erratically

I am having similar issue. The RS base connected to M+ rover in RTK mode. I would get a pretty solid fix solution but the grey bars were bouncing up and down quite a bit. Once it stabilized I noticed the Base satellites jumping from 24 to 12 back and forth. When I connected to the base with another device it showed to be stable with the satellites fluctuating between 22-24. Both units were on firmware 2.22.1. I updated to 2.22.3 and tested them both for a few minutes and still the same issue.
Since I flashed the RS firmware I do not have the logs but the M+ should still have the logs from today, if needed.

Hi Troy,

If you’re able to share the data, they’ll be of great help to us. Thank you! (208.0 KB) (3.6 MB) (162.3 KB) (1.7 MB)

Thanks for your help, if you need anything else I am happy to send it.
Here is the full report, RAW logs from some point during the day (I have more) I only turned on logging because I was having problems. I wasn’t planning to process them just hoping to find out what the issue is. Yor may notice I did not wait a full 40 sec on some points before saving. That was so I could locate them later not an error. I also added a short screen recording that shows the problem as the AR validation ratio climbs from 4 to 924. I had the M+ mounted on a carbon fiber pole with LoRa antenna fixed to the otherside. I do not think there was any type of interference close by as I was in a large open field about 60 ha in size.
Since I flashed my RS unit I will try to duplicate the issue again today so I can give you a complete report from both units.
Also note I used an android phone firmware version 10, an ipad on iOS 12.4, and Windows 10 laptop. Same results were observed on all devices.

Hi Troy,

Thank you a lot for providing the full data set recorded on the device! The more data we have, the easier for us to understand what’s wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve checked your LLH position log and it looks pretty fine. It seems that Reach was holding the fix solution almost all the time during the survey:

Also, we’re able to replicate the issue you experienced, and the gray bars indeed behave erratically while Reach is getting corrections over internal LoRa. However, according to our tests, that’s only the indication issue that shouldn’t affect maintaining the fix somehow.

We’ll definitely fix this in one of the updates that are coming. Thank you a lot for bringing it to our attention!

Please let me know if this behavior impacts obtaining the fix somehow.


Ok good to know that it should not affect the accuracy. Yesterday I was able to duplicate it on both units with the newest update. Did you notice the number of satellites from the base station dropping off to half the number then back again? It must be a bug because after looking at the base station, the number of satellites did not actually change.
As long as you were aware of that too, then I’m all good.
Thanks again Tatiana.


Hi Troy,

Yes, this is just an indication of the same displaying glitch. We’ll take care of it too.

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