Great news for Ohio CORS network users

Got this in an email today,
“The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of CADD and Mapping Services is pleased to announce that the ODOT RTN (Real-Time-Network), formally known as the ODOT VRS or ODOT CORS, is now offering correction data streams for all available GNSS constellations! With our upgraded network software combined with equipment upgrades at the CORS stations, users of the ODOT RTN, with proper equipment, have gained the ability to receive corrections for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou constellations as well as the GPS L5 signal. This upgrade goes a long way in enhancing user’s access to RTK corrections in difficult environments, as well as reducing time to fix in areas open sky. To access the RTN’s added feature two new mount points were created: ODOT_G_R_E_C_RTX_CMRx for Trimble users and ODOT_G_R_E_C_RTX_RTCM3 for non-Trimble equipment. If you require assistance or have questions on how to access and utilize the new data streams, please contact your equipment dealer or manufacturer technical support.”

I can now utilize more systems!


Is it free ? I’m in SC and the state geodetic agency fee is $600/year, which is pretty reasonable.

Lucky Dogs! I’m still happy with our “overpriced” network…

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Yes OHCORS is free. I know we are lucky to have a very good system at no charge.

They have talked about charging for it for over 10 years but haven’t done so. Even if it runs $500-600 it would still be an exceptional service for the $$$.

I utilize about 5 or 6 different state CORS networks. Ohio’s is top notch. When it was first established, it was completely comprised of Trimble components and maintained as such. It is rare that there are down times and if there is, you are notified in advance to plan accordingly.


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