Gray bars appear and dissapear continously only with Radio 3DR link

Hi everybody,

Our tests have been satisfactory both with WIFI link between rover and base, as well as corrections injection via mission planner, asking for corrections via WIFI and Radio link, gray bars appear and are stable in time.

When we connect the base and the rover directly by telemetry, the gray bars appear and disappear continuously.
We don’t know what is the problem, the logs off all test that i described you are in

we connect 3DR radio via uart in base station and via usb otg on rover. we test with 57600 baud rate on both sides and radios configured with same value.

The firmware version of ReachView is v0.4.9 and Reach Image version is v1.2.

We have the base on a tripod about 2 meters above the ground and the rover is about 50 meters away from the base.
we are using 10x10cm groundplate in both.

Thank you very much for your help.


Which RTCM3 messages do you have enabled?

We now have version 2.2.6 of the ReachView, and I suggest to update your module with new firmware(V2.3) that you can get here.