GPST-Error-RINEX file Reach M+

i’ ve been using Reach M+ and Reach RS+ and do Postprocessing. I have realized, that my reach M+ has about 18 seconds error in GPST time (i can see this Error in Camera events).
This Error does not appears when i use “Position Output: NMEA”, but when i use “Position Output: LLH” , i have about 18 seconds time-Error.
I can do Post processing only with raw-log Data (RINEX), because of that it is very important! how can i correct this Error?
Is there any way to correct GPST time in Reach M+? Have you any Idea ?
Thanks alot!


Hi @maryamasgariii,

I suppose this error is a difference in UTC and GPS time that constitutes 18 leap seconds. The time in Reach M+ LLH log is in GPS format. As for NMEA, it provides the time in UTC.

To convert GPS time to UTC time, you need to subtract 18 leap seconds from GPS time.


thanks alot :hugs:.
The Problem was exactly the difference between UTC und GPST!
To Convert GPST time to UTC i can use RTKlib and change the Time in rtklibpos-> Options :slight_smile:

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does not solve the time using rtkpost options, the only way I could do it is by adding 18 seconds

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