GPS post-processing without raw data

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Quick question from beginner here. We acquire the GPS data but failed to acquire the raw file (in logging we only had activated the options of base and solution). Thus, we only got base and solution files. Would those two be enough for conducting the GPS post-processing? If so, how could we do it?

In Kinematic processing | Emlid Studio, they only refer to the use of raw files.

Thank you for your help with this rather naive question.

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To conduct the PPK survey, you’ll need the raw data from both receivers, a base and a rover. You can read more about working in PPK in our PPK introduction guide.

The raw data log is the only log where the data from satellites recorded by the specific receiver is collected. So it’s not possible to use base correction with position log to get the centimeter-accurate results.

If you used Reach as a base for your rover, it might be possible to download the data additionally from the closest NTRIP station, if any are available. You just have to make sure that the time periods match.

In case you recorded raw data log on neither base nor rover, it won’t be possible to perform post-processing. I’m afraid it may be necessary to repeat the survey.

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Hi Polina,

Following your explanation, as we don’t have the raw data log from the rover we would have to repeat the survey.

Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:


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