GPS no lock


your GPS sensitivity is very bad. When I use no other antenna than the GPS one, I may be able to have sometimes a lock, and some seconds later I loose it and somes times later I retrieve it (this does not appear to be periodical though). When I connect a 433 mhz antenna to my radio receiver, the lock is lost and I never manage to retrieve it, even when the antenna is placed far away (around 40 cm)

when using a regular apm 2.6 with a regular gps antenna which cost twice less than your module, I get a gps lock immediatly even with the presence of the 433Mhz antenna and at the exact same location where the navio+ was.

I suspect your gps antenna to be in a bad shape or the cable between the antenna and the board to be damaged. What can you propose to help me figuring out the problem. This is urgent, thank you.

Hello Philippe,

Please send me your order number via PM. We will send you a replacement antenna to test with :wink:

new antenna received, problem fixed
I get a very good hdop of 1.2 in an area surrounded by buildings. The hdop was 4 with a regular cheap apm gps in the same place.

Thanks for your support.
The first fix was quite long to have though