GPS no lock, only one satellite found

Hello Emlid,

Everything works perfectly with my first navio2 drone, but the GPS. I didn’t have any problem with wiring.

I removed all parts which I suspect that may interfere the GPS, reflashed the SD card with 20160408.img, placed the board on the field with open sky view for 15min, but still there was only one satellite found according to u-center.

I appreciate all the help I can get.

Here is how the antenna is connected.

Hi @beeven,

RPI camera is known for interfering with the GPS, so it might be the case. Could you try to swap the antennas with your second set to see if it might be faulty?

Hi Igor,

I removed the PRI camera and tested it again this afternoon, waited for about 10 minutes, still no luck.

I don’t have a second set to swap. Is there any way to test the antenna?

Can you send me you order number via PM? We will send you a new antenna for testing :slight_smile:

I also noticed that the antenna quality is very inhomogeneous. One antenna can barely find a lock at an open field. Another one works inside my apartment withing seconds.

@dgrat If you are confident that it is the antenna, we are ready to replace it. Just let me know via PM if any shipping details have changed.