GPS No Fix after numerous attempts

Hi guys,

I know this question has been asked numerous times before in the forum.
I went through all of them, but I still have some question that cannot be answered.

Before I begin, here’s the image of my quad setup.
Note that I cut the cable of the GPS (by mistake), but I have soldered it back properly.
Ground with ground, center signal wire with signal wire, and proper shielding of course.
There are only two wires to solder, right?

When I run the Ublox test under Navio/C++/Examples/GPS, I get the following result.

I did leave the quadcopter out in an open field for about 20~30 minutes.
FYI, there’s no 4G modem or pi camera module attached.
But yet, still no GPS fix.

So I tried to install the u-center S/W on my Windows PC, and it seems like all the links are down.
Do you guys have this problem also right now?

Okay, that’s all the information I’ve gathered so far.
Yes, it ‘may’ be the wire problem. But I’m dead sure I soldered them correctly.

Can you guys give me any comments on what could be the cause of this problem?

Great thanks.


I’ve just tested with the most minimalistic setup ( Navio+ and GPS module ), only to fail.
I see the Ublox test sometimes passes and sometimes don’t as in the following screenshot.
Help still in need.


Soldering RF wires is not as straightforward as with DC. On GPS frequencies soldering quality can affect reception.

You can get u-center here.

You also should not run examples and APM at the same time, as they can conflict.

Thanks Igor for the reply.
I got the u-center, and don’t see any satellite counts.
I guess it’s the cable problem then as you mentioned. I had to reorder it from the shop.
What a stupid mistake… I will post the result once I receive it.


some copper wire has a coating on it. it can cause problems when soldering, a light scrapping with the back of an exacto knife will take it off. I suggest you get a new one for sure as you want your gps connection to be as stable as possible, but practice on the thrashed one. Once it works you know what techniques to repeat when your soldering next time. RF cables can be a bit tricky but diffidently doable. make sure you are soldering the entire cluster of wires inside, if a couple are cut, it can cause issues, flow the solder sufficiently, and reinforce the joint with something. : :grin:

one more thing, it looks like you have some 3m tape over your baro, this might cause problems, although you do want to protect it against sun and wind gusts, if those two little holes on top of the baro are sealed it will not be able to properly sense the pressure. this is why some foam is needed as the air pressure can still be sensed but sun and gusts are deflected.

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I see. Thanks very much for that information.
It’s funny you can’t find one when you really need one.
I did order the new GPS. Such a newb mistakes are causing a lot of money.
I will post the results here.

Your not the 1st nor will you be the last to make mistakes.

The 1st time I attached a motor to a frame, I drove a mounting screw threw the coil :blush: