GPS glitch Navio+ and compass errors

Last saturday i experienced GPS problems again, listed below, also compass errors even far away from metalic objects, i got tired of all this and i will be sticking with my good and reliable Pixhawk 1 and my Pixhawk 2.1.


GPS taking too long to lock, despite it is a M8N Ublox on board the Navio+.
Under cloudy skyies, it takes more then 20 minutes to show 5 or 6 sats.
Last flight, i had 13 sats and in mid flight it lowered to 5 sats, HDOP went to 3.5 and came back to 13 sats.
Error compass variance is constant, every day, it is annoying. Tried compass calibration many times.
Magnetic field messages even far away from metalic objects.
Maybe a external GPS unit would help but i need the UART for OSD and USB for telemetry and i don`t want to work with USB settings. Why do we need an EMLID GPS antenna? It should work in first place.

I am giving up with this project. Sticking with the Pixhawks. I will never look back.


This problem may appear from radio interference. Could you try to test this without connected OSD and Radio telemetry. For check sat count you can use WiFi connection.

I appreciate your help, for now i am using it with an external GPS via UART, it is a M8N and it is showing 18 sats and 0.6 HDOP, just for records, this way it doesnt matter if there is telemetry or VTX on board, it just works. On the other side, emlid GPS antenna has poor sensitiviness, just add anything onboard for a NO FIX apear on mission planner. My point is, to fix this, just use an external GPS.

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