GPS Example receives no fix, even though all other Examples work

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Navio2 board. I have followed all the steps in the documentation, am using the latest Emlid Raspbian Image, etc. The only unique aspect of this project is that I am using ArduSub, and so I followed the steps for building APM from sources.

In testing the Example Codes on the Navio2 board, all the Examples work except the GPS. Even with waiting for ~15 minutes, I receive no fix, even under open skies. I am not using an external antenna – only that which is already on the board. Is this a problem others have encountered in the past? The steps listed in Emlid Navio2 documentation were followed diligently, and no modifications to the code were made.

Thank you for your help, and let me know if I should clarify anything else.

You still have an external antenna connected correct? The GPS module on the board still requires an external antenna.


Well, that solves things pretty quickly…

Thank you!

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