GPS does not work on my navio2 card

I cannot receive data via GPS from my navio card, on which I have made all the setups…That’s why I can’t fly the quadcopter in the flight mode I want via mission planner.

Even though I used Telem3=“-E /dev/ttyAMA1” in different variables, I kept getting the same error. Is there something I missed or are there parameters I need to change in Mission planner? Can you help me…

Hi Eren,

Are you placing the copter outside when you’re testing it? Navio2 antenna needs a clear sky view to receive the signal from the satellites. It’s better to wait for a couple of minutes outside before checking the GPS status in Mission Planner.

Yes I’m trying from outside. I’ve been having this problem for about 1 month. I saw some posts about this problem in the forums and tried it, but I still couldn’t fix the problem.

Has anyone encountered this problem and been able to solve it?

Hi Eren,

I recommend ensuring first that the GNSS signal can be received fine, please run the following script on your Navio2. Disconnect all the additional hardware from it before running the test. Please also run the IMU test to verify its stable operation. We can confirm that the GNSS module and IMU works fine if the readings are coming.

In such a case, we can conclude that the issue is caused by incorrect hardware setup or an unsuitable setting in Mission Planner. Please refer to this thread on the ArduPilot forum with the discussion of ways to troubleshoot the unhealthy AHRS issue.

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