GPS data

I was just wondering how would I be able to capture data to a .txt file. The type of data that I’m trying to capture would be the onboard GPS data. I have looked into modifying the /libraries/AP_GPS file to have the ability to write to a file. Would this be the easiest approach? or would I have to resort to writing Mavlink msgs?
Also is there a way to configure or flash the M8N chip that is on the Navio 2? I’m from the US so I’m trying to increase my accuracy.

Hey there,

You can get the GPS data via ROS (it’s possible you can use rostopic for it) or from Ardupilot logs. However, there are no ready solutions, so it will take some time and research from you.

Yes! after doing some research I do see that ROS is a feasible path to get the GPS data, but I’m most likely going to be doing it through Ardupilot Logs. I need a differential GPS computations done solely on the arducopter. With the Navio 2 I am having a little bit of problems pulling the SBAS messages from the GPS. any suggestions?? My method of approach has been just modifying AP_GPS.cpp/h and AP_GPS_UBLOX.cpp/h. I think I am able to do logging with dataflash but I’m unsure what raw messages is being logged.


There are no straightforward ways to accomplish it. Maybe it will be useful to look into u-blox manual or ardupilot code.

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