GPS coordinates using LORA

Trying to configure a drone to follow my dogs GPS coordinates. The dog collar transmits on lora 900mhz.
Has anyone experimented with anything similar to this?


that’s…cool…and FUNNY!

How big of a battery is your dog going to wear? :slight_smile: I don’t think you would be able to ping it enough times to see the “real-time” location that the drone would require to follow without a high-capacity battery. Very interesting for asset retrieval purposes. If I could send a drone out to find a piece of construction equipment, lol! I hope somebody way smarter than me chimes in.

What if puppy decides to hide under a tree or house?

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Tie a piece of string between your dog and the drone :grinning:

Haha, tethered drone!

I’m sure he got a lot of hell for that.

Wonder how many people (or animals) get sliced up by those drones in REAL FAILS. : /

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Totally didn’t see the video the first time! I really try to keep it clean, but WTF?

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WTF?! is right! Pretty sure the dog flying off far away was edited that way… at least I hope so. (people get REAL STUPID these days).

It’s CGI :wink:
That drone can’t lift a dog that size, and even If it could, it wouldn’t have had so much power surplus.
The whole movie-plot smells of trolling the animal welfare community, that seems to jump in head-first…


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